5 Factors To Consider When Hiring An Electrical Repairs Technician

Did you know that a significant percentage of residential and commercial building fires in Australia are as a result of faulty electrical connections? Of these, most are caused by unprofessional electrical repairs as opposed to installation malfunctions. This fact, coupled with the very delicate nature of electricity explains why you should engage a licensed and professional electrical repair expert. Don’t forget to have a professional check any minor electrical repairs you might have handled during their next routine maintenance. But what factors should you look out for when hiring a repair technician?


  1. Qualifications and Licensing

  While it is imprudent to request academic qualification papers from potential electrical repairs specialists, you can vet them using licensing and registration with the relevant authorities. Before electrical professionals are granted an operating license, their qualifications are well vetted. Thereby, the fact a potential repair expert holds an authentic and valid operating license may be a reflection of their qualifications. Hiring licensed repair technicians also make follow up on insurance claims a little bit easier even if the repairs turned out to be faulty and destructive.


  1. Experience

Your ideal electrical repair expert should also possess relevant industry experience. Some of the advantages of hiring experienced professionals include access to quality services. It will also provide great comfort if the said electrician has had previous experience dealing with your current electrical problems. Therefore, look them up on their social media pages and official websites as well as check their customer reviews on the various online review sites to not only gauge their experience but their level of professionalism.


  1. Professionalism

An electrical repair project is as good as the expert conducting it. A professional repair technician should, therefore, not only be experienced and excellent in service delivery but also friendly and approachable. They should also be tolerant to criticism and able to accept correction. Information on a repair expert’s professionalism is easily accessible from customer feedbacks on their official online media platforms as well as from friends and acquaintances they may have worked for in the past.


  1. Proximity to your neighbourhood

Electric faults are highly inconveniencing and almost always need immediate attention. Thus the reason you should strive to engage a professional repair expert within or close to your neighbourhood. This not only makes the verification of their authenticity easier but also ensures all your electrical concerns are taken care of in time. While at it, consider checking out qualified local electricians that provide around the clock repair services.


  1. Cost

Your ideal repair professional should also charge reasonable for the services rendered. However, as much as it’s human nature to always feel attracted to low costs and bigger savings, it shouldn’t be at the expense of quality repairs and professionalism. Most electrical repair companies have special and often discounted rates for long term engagements. Capitalise on these and enter into a repair agreement with one of these companies if you wish to cut down on repair costs, especially for commercial buildings and other engagements that require regular electrical maintenance without necessarily calling for an in-house electrician.


Bottom line

There is a huge number of electrical professionals in Melbourne. But before engaging their electrical repair services, consider their qualification and experience in the industry and level of professionalism as well as their affordability.  

Raphael Boleslav